The Nashua Historical Society
Preserving the Past for the Future



The Florence H. Speare Memorial Museum

Open Year Round
Visiting hours -Tues. - Thurs. 10:00am - 3pm, and Sat. by appointment.
Office hours Tues - Thurs 9am - 4pm

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If the Nashua public schools are closed, the Nashua Historical Society is also closed.

Though the Historical Society was founded in 1870, this museum was constructed in 1971-1972 through the generosity of the late Sceva Speare, a prominent local business man. It was named in honor of his wife, Florence Hyde Speare.
The museum contains a wealth of information regarding Nashua's origin, its evolution into a mill town in the 1800's, its continued growth as a city, and as a leading manufacturing and technological center.
Ever changing exhibits bring alive scenes of other eras, complete with authentic costuming, furnishings and accessories.
The Florence H. Speare Museum houses the Frank B. Clancy Research Library and features exhibits depicting various aspects of historic Nashua.