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Preserving the Past for the Future



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We are pleased to introduce our "Adopt-an-Artifact" campaign. This initiative is designed to assist the Nashua Historical Society with the conservation and preservation of its extensive collection of Nashua artifacts.
Each piece that has been chosen for this program has a significant link to Nashua and its history.
Over $100,000.00 in funds are needed to preserve these items. However, adoption amounts are available in multiple ranges from under $100 to several hundred dollars and up.
We hope you will agree to join us in our continuing mission of "Preserving the Past for the Future."

General John G. Foster's Chair
This painted and lettered wooden chair was presented to Post 7 of the Grand Army of the Republic in Nashua by Mary Gray Foster, mother of General John G, Foster. The first reunion and encampment of New Hampshire Civil War veterans was held in October 1875 at the Riding Park in Manchester, NH. We believe she may have made the presentation at that event. The Foster family home was at 18 Orange Square, Nashua. A statue of General Foster was erected in his honor and stands today in Foster Square, which is bordered by Orange and Lock Streets. Orange Square was renamed Foster Square in 1903.
$425___ $425___$305___$305___$305___$305___$290___

Nashua Daily Telegraph Newspapers
This series of the Nashua Daily Telegraph are bound by year from 1900 to 1931. Each year is bound in four separate volumes; January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. These volumes will be repaired, wrapped in protective covering and enclosed in an acid free box. They will then be labeled and cataloged for storage.
We plan to make these newspapers available for research once they are ready for public use. You will find useful information and period advertising in each Daily Telegraph that will be of great value to those who seek to see the events of Nashua's past laid out in bold print.
32 years @ $80.00 each year. 1 year is made up of 4 volumes.

Tremont House Guest Book
Back in the day, travelers and other folks who sought lodging in a hotel were asked to sign a guest book. Our copy of the Tremont House ledger dates from May to June 1876. We are sure there are signatures written on the pages but, after the hotel closed, the ledger was used as someone's scarpbook. There are numerous newspaper articles pasted over the advertising and the signature pages, and we hope to have them removed so as to reveal what was originally written. Wouldn't it be interesting to know who slept there?!
Adoption Complete

Jackson Co. Stamped Image Ledgers
Whenever a company produced a product for sale, there was always the need for advertising to promote their goods to the public. The Jackson Company on Canal Street , producer of Indian Head cloth , was no exception. They had artists in their employ who would create art work to catch the eye of the consumer. These three ledgers contain original stamped impressions, graphic designs and advertising art that can never be duplicated. They are a valuable treasure from the Mills of the Nashua Manufacturing Company.
Ledger 1: $20,585                 Ledger 2: $16,050                 Ledger 3: $29,040
These ledgers are well-suited for a business level adoption.